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What to expect when Selling

You will be asked to supply some basic information over the phone, to enable us to assign a Broker.

After an inspection of your business and premises and a market appraisal, we would agree on a marketable price. We then compile a business profile to present the business in the best possible light, as the appointed agents.
We determine the most likely source of buyers for your business - our own extensive database of prospective buyers, the internet, direct approaches to selective industry lists, advertising; local, national or overseas, which publications might reach them.

Using this knowledge we plan the appropriate marketing strategy - private treaty, tender, selective tender, auction
With your authorisation, we place any agreed upon advertising.

After handling all enquiries from the various sources, the prospective buyers must be qualified. We eliminate time-wasters, hopefuls with no money, and inquisitive competitors. Interest is shown by a genuine buyer and an inspection is arranged.

If you have any information you consider sensitive you should advise us and we will require a confidentiality agreement to be signed.
When an offer is received in writing, a deposit is then sought. We are available to both draft contracts and act as stakeholder during the sale process.

Simply contact us for any further information you may require.

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