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Steps to a successful sale

When marketing a highly specialised business such as yours, our preferred approach would be by Competitive International Tender, as outlined in Target Marketing.

The steps to achieving a successful result include: 

1. Learning as much as possible about your business, so that we can: 

a       Produce a credible selling document

b       Value the assets and intellectual property involved in the business as a “going concern”

c       Develop a profile of the most likely type of buyer

d       Identify the individual “key selling points”  and synergies for each likely buyer

e       Most importantly, identify any potential “turn-offs” for each potential buyer, and devise a strategy that could convert each from a negative toan opportunity

 2. We attack the most obvious buyers first. We research our buyer database, and the worldwide web, to come up with a list of prospects that would have the most to gain from acquiring your business, and approach them directly, on a highly confidential basis. 

3.  We can back this up with directed advertising on the web on Lloyds site as well as up to 10 National and International sites, and in selected media, such as the Australian Financial Review, which, in our opinion, provide the most economical means of reaching the largest possible number of qualified buyers. 

This is what we call "Stage I", of the marketing plan, and in over 60% of cases, this strategy results in a buyer, usually within 6 months. 

If these efforts do not produce a buyer, then more drastic action is required, which we call Stage II. This would begin with a de-briefing, and a survey of the prospects approached, to find out what went wrong, and why they did not proceed to purchase. 

Possible reasons could be: 

  •    We approached the wrong class of prospective purchaser

  •    We did not identify the right buyer benefits for the prospects

  •    We could not demonstrate the value to them

  •    There could be some perceived problem with, or threat to, your business, which we were unaware of, and that would need to be addressed with an appropriate strategy, in the Business Profile. 

Once the reasons have been identified for the problem, we can attempt to rectify them, and continue with a revised marketing plan.   

We do not believe in failure. Failure can only happen when you give up trying.